In order to improvise, you first have to know exactly what you're doing. ... I don't think you can be an abstract painter unless you know how to draw.” - Christopher Walken

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Meet Nick

The Multi-Instrumental Artist and Music Producer

Hailing from Iowa City, IA by way of Chicago, Il and Nashville, TN, Nick Sargent is no stranger to the music world. He received his first start in Chicago, Illinois  gigging with his middle school band and progressed into getting into the city's top conservatory, The Merit Music Conservatory. From there Nick began gigging in all genres until he moved to Nashville at the age of 16 to finish high school at the illustrious Nashville School of the Arts High School after his mother's career as a government agent provided an escape from the woes of inner city life. While in isolation from everything he knew, Nick began producing music; and with nudges from jazz greats and hip hop producers like Ski Beatz, Nick completely transferred his knowledge of music from classical and jazz to pop, hip-hop, house and alt rock.

He doesn't flaunt much; but don't let his humble appearance, or lack of words fool you. He's confident, kind, and a musical prophet who has mentored and assisted a few of your favorite acts today. He's currently a subcontractor for Universal Music Group and a Music Production Manager for Malik Yusef's brainchild: The Bad Kids Collective.

Nick's use of live instruments and electronic instruments simultaneously has landed him placements not only through the BK Collective, but also on Doggystyle Records, headed by hip-hop legend, Snoop Dogg. Because his stage chops have been seasoned by years of live musical performance, he has an ear for what moves people. In addition, he is punctual and professional. This is a gift and curse for him due to the fact that many of his peers weren't cultured the same way. This has led to his extreme sense of independence: what you hear from him, creatively, is usually all created by his own mind and ability to score music. He has made it his goal to live as a fully self sufficient artist that produces, mixes, and writes his own work. He normally takes day jobs as a chemical research assistant to fund his personal studio needs, which means he's  intelligent. Overall though, he's an entrepreneur.

With all of this being said, Nick Sargent would be an asset to any music making team. Book him today. 

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