Rain... my first NFT selling for $1M

What's up? In lieu of my last post, I made a new song. It's free to stream on my website, but it's an NFT with a physical copy. It's actually my first NFT.... The record itself costs $100; and all buyers will receive a physical copy of this record to accompany the digital product... Moreover, this is my humble protest against the streaming industry. The payouts on streams are in favor of the streaming platform owners; and I'm too dope to be pimped out... My last album had 600 listeners the first week; but I only made like $10 on it from streams since it dropped this time last year; and all I can think about is if CDs were still in style:

If CDs were still in style, I'd have $6,000 in sales from that first week. That's not bad for a completely solo, super producer running the whole show... 


When I made this record, I was in the zone. I'm from Chicago, so House music is a major influence on my life and personality. Many outside of the state of Chicago (lol) hear house music and don't feel a thing, but this is my spin on it. [and] Nobody else does it like me: with a live band and improvisation. That's me playing everything as usual. I'm coining this style of House Music as "Iconic House" because it's lush. [and I'm Chicago music royalty.]

Sure, you can rip it and steal it for your mix and personal enjoyment; but having the physical record for back up - signed by me - will be worth way more than $100 some day; and if you happen to get the NFT, then you're on your way to the future. 


Everything you hear, I played and/or programmed. Enjoy. 



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